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RMG Industry: RMG Industry Looking for New Horizon After COVID-19 Situation – Redwanul Hasan

  • Update Time : Saturday, March 27, 2021
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Ready made garments industry is one of the most export earning sectors in Bangladesh. During this pandemic COVID-19 situation, the orders have been canceled by the buyer.The life of workers & employees were shut off. The proper compliance policy should be developed.The hope is now a days orders are coming back from the buyer. But still there is a problem. Bangladesh is facing proper payment policy problem. So what to do? The economical crisis of these countries should be considered. Government of Bangladesh give emphasis to solve this payment system. The present scheme of this industry is mentioned below:


If we look into this picture very carefully, we can see Bangladesh apparel imports decreased 12.4% during 2020 on account of COVID-19 situation. If we want to get rid of this situation, what will be the solution ? The experts made various comments on this problem. Some one told about strong compliance policy, Some one told about governments accord. But what will be the real solution of apparel industry to compensate this loss.

1: Focusing Product Development :

If we want to recoup this problem, we have to focus to new product development. We have to use technical software for product displaying and also have to make strong e-commerce site.

2: Focusing on Functional Textile :

We have to focus to produce functional textile. But what is the functional textile and what will be the necessity of making functional textile to solve the economic crisis during COVID-19 situation. Functional textiles which are integrated functions of controlling or adjusting according to respective application area. Based on type of garment the global functional textiles market is classified into

  • Active wear
  • Performance wear
  • Seamless Wear
  • Ready to wear

The applications of functional textiles are in geotextiles, personal protection, medical & hygiene, sports & leisure, military suits. Now a days we are seeing the demand of protective textiles are increasing all around the world due to COVID disease. Bangladesh should make antiviral fabric & set up international recognized facilities.

3: Minimizing Backward Linkage:

We have to minimize backward linkage of our RMG industry. Sufficient functional fabrics based industry, dyes & chemical based industry should be established. Only minimizing backward linkage can give sufficient profit from this sector.

4: Reforming Education Curriculum:

Reforming education curriculum can give permanent solution to accept this transformation challenge. University authority should remove conventional textiles portion from their curriculum. They have to include technical textiles based education for surviving this industry.

5: Strong Policy Making & Quick Transportation:

Bangladesh is one of the largest RMG exporting countries in the world. Our position is after China, but it is a matter of regret that we have no strong policy system and no quick transportation system. When buyers order products we should deliver it within 48 days but sometimes it takes 3 months due to lacking of transportation system and strong policy making. BGMEA & BGBA should make collaboration to solve this problem.

In fine, it can be said that this discussion gives a path to recover our RMG industries again after COVID-19 situation. We believe in “Made in Bangladesh”. E

* Above article is written by  Redwanul Hasan, Student of Bangladesh University of Textiles, Department of Yarn Engineering.

Date: 5/9/2020

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