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What would Happen in Bangladesh if Bangabandhu would come back

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 14, 2019
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– Muhammad Tawfiqur Rahman*

The 44th ‘Martyredom Day’ of the architect of independent Bangladesh, the founder President of the country, the Commander-in-Chief of our War of Liberation against the Pakistan occupation Army, the delusive flutist of our freedom struggle, a head to foot Bengali Muslim from Tungipara village and the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members has been observed. Observed in memory of Bangabandhu on this day of National Mourning different organizations organized various programs. Different people observed this in different shapes and forms. A lot of things may be said about these functions. But I myself think that if Bangabandhu would return to Bangladesh what would the Bengali would do, what would be the behavior of the freedom fighters, the rajakars and the opportunists.

My perception is that Bangabandhu would again give the ill-fated Bengali the initiation of his extremely difficult resolve. He would do whatever would be necessary in making ‘Sonar Bangla’ of ‘Sonar Manush’. With this object he would reconstruct Awami League. He would lodge the self abnegating, honest, patriot, faithful, knowledge-thirsty people having tested the purity of them on touchstone from grass-root to leadership. He would form Committees in democratic process from grass-root to the Centre. Persons having family legacy, popularity and independent mentality would get into leadership. These leaders would pull up the present Bengladesh Awami League from the decaying condition and turn the party into works-friendly and people oriented one. Not being the Awami League of the government, the present government would then be the government of Awami League. As a result the government would be free from the mass-isolation.

By reconstruction of the Cabinet he would distribute the portfolios to the enlightened competent persons. Consequently the charismatic leadership of Prime Minister Jananetri Sheikh Hasina would advance the country in a speedy manner towards the path of development. The present flatterer Ministers would stay in the prison. Stopping the misuse of power Jananetri Sheikh Hasina would be 100 percent successful in the prevention of corruption in the country. The way in which today corrupt persons have established reign of occupation in society, state, courts, education campus and in religions places of worship/prayer halls would come to an end. With proper digitalization a civil and Military Administration suitable for an independent country would be built up. For relieving the country of curse and evil influence the father of the nation would take necessary action for proper justice through trials in the court, would present before the nation the names and identities of the armed opponents of the freedom struggle through Liberation War, 1971. Through trail in courts Bangabandhu would ensure equitable justice to the offenders for proper punishment and exoneration to the non-offenders by setting up special courts in the districts. By publishing the list of anti-liberation persons, rajakars, Al-Bader, Al-Shams he would stop their hypocritical roaring laughter.

By extending one time facilities to the real freedom fighters he would honor them. Fake freedom fighters would be sent to the jail for life. As misfortune would have us, we still continue in honoring innumerable fake freedom fighters. The Father of the Nation would stop formation of political parties in the name of religion. He would give freedom of following any religion and extend predominance to the major religion followers as per the constitution of the state.

Bangabandhu would restore our ancestors and makers of our nation state including Rabindranath Nazrul-Sukanta, Shar-E-Bangla A.K. Fazlul Haque, H.S. Sohrawardi, Mowlana Bhasani, Mowlana A.R. Tarkabagish into their right places. We would return to our lost heritage and tradition. The present self-oblivious manipulated Bengali would get back their self identity and would have our head lofty in the world community. We could have reached higher place at which our great leader Sheikh Hasina has taken us. Today our society, family, party, Administration, state, courts all have become hostage to the big-small corrupt people. We are now turning to be a hated corrupt nation. If Bangabandhu would return he would be a hard administrator like Omar (R.). He would introduce Quick Trial Traibunals at upazila level. After completing the trial process he would execute the punishment in the open field before the public. Then the Bengalis would be free of stigma.

The constitution given by the Father of the Nation is today blooded with the innumerable cuts-injuries. Bangabandhu would surely bring about timely amendments suitable to the need of the people. The Parliament, Courts, Secretariat would be run by the nationally competent persons. Jananetri Sheikh Hasina then would be able to reach the country to the level of developed state before the specified time. If the Father of the nation would return today he would make the government free of bad name by extending freedom in right sense to the newspapers, Radio-Television etc. He would make the country danger-free by building up a people friendly Army and Police force.

My conception is that if the Father of the Nation would come back he would run the office in the Bangabandhu Bahban everyday with the patriotic efficient qualified persons. He would read all newspapers, view all TV news bulletins and extend interview to all persons. He would apply in administration all that he would learn and understand from these sources. Bangabandhu would provide immediate solution to the problems and follow up the implementation of every order or direction. The Father of the Nation would accomplish all these acts grasping the hands of his affectionate first issue blue-necked Honorable Prime Minister Jananetri Sheikh Hasina. O Allah please pardon Bangabandhu and the martyred persons who laid their lives in our Liberation War, lost lives on 15 August and 3 November carnage and all people sacrificed their lives in the struggle of restoration of democracy and may Rahmatullil Alamin grant paradise to the souls of the above people.E

*  The writer is a politician. ** Translated into English by ‘The Economy

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