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Victory of ’71 Injured Allover

  • Update Time : Friday, July 10, 2020
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  • by Khaled Mahmood
    A serious degeneration in value judgment by the administration in different fields like family, social, political, religious, cultural and judicial fields in Bangladesh has taken place in Bangladesh now.
    Political etiquette, democratic practice, basic human rights- all are in the verge of terrible ruin. Daily necessaries of life-onion, gerlic, ginjer, edible oil, spices, vegitables, rice, pulse, meat-fish all are beyond the purchasing capacity of the commom man and the lower middle class people. Bangladesh is now in the grasp of the middle and upper class people. Victory ’71 is now a puppet of dance at their hands.
    There is no field of society and the state where good governance has been established. Everywhere the toothed big-small demons have secured their evil governance. Everywhere in the society lawlessness, murder, rape, bloody deed have aroused. The basic guiding power of the national economy is captivated by the gaints-demons, cheats and the plunderers connected with the political power. In banks and other financial institutions lacs of crores of taka is being plundered. The national economy is being controlled by the claws of bank loan defaulters, money scandal makers. In the name of loan exemption particular loan defaulters are extended special facilities through the immoral decision of the government injuring the interest of the general depositors. A bad culture of loan remission of crores of taka defaulted loan to the persons related to the government directly or indirectly has been initiated. In every financial year the budget is a deficit one. No target of development can be achieved as per Annual Development Programe (ADP). The National Board of Revenue fails to fulfil the target revenue through VAT, Income Tax, Customs Duties etc. collection. The officials and other employees under NBR can not or do not implement the rules and regulations of the organization properly. The real volume of government revenues from individual firm, business house, industrial units as VAT Customs Duties, income tax etc. is not being collected. In imports-exports overinvoicing and under-invoicing practice goes on and there is ample jugglery with figures in customs evaluation tests-examinations and scrutiny. It has become an unwritten practice that there is no extension of the coverage of VAT, income tax and not to collect the right amount of VAT and income tax from the payers. Consequently the government is deprived of revenue income of a huge amount of money every year. This sort of failure is the resultant effect of abominable interference from the government along with a major part of the dishonest and insincere activities of the officials-employees. Individual or combined efforts of NBR, Bank-Insurance, Share-Market, Exporters-Imports, Industrialists, Traders, contributes to the laundering of lacs of crores of taka to the foreign countries.
    The target that is fixed for domestic revenue earnings can be easily trippled as a matter of fact. Bangladesh may reach the dignity of a developed country in a very short time. But its preconditions are that the country should have to be fully democratically governed, the fundamental human rights are to be ensured, proper scope for applying voting power is to be made, corruption is to be prevented and utiliztion of just administrative power with the fair justice in judicial process should be made.
    The present ruling Awami League government in the country is facing questions with its ill-politics of one party rule accused of murder, terrorism, violence, tender-engineering, extortionism, attack on the rival political parties and student organizations by sister or constituent organs or by the law enforcement agencies. Meritorious BUET student Abrar Fahad was killed by Chatra League leaders in broad daylight. Chatra League leaders grafted money over development fund from Jahangir Nagar University VC that aroused protest from the general students demanding her resignation. Although legal action leading to trial process has been taken against the accused in Abrar murder but no action is being taken in many other events.
    Last not the least occurence needs to be mentioned is the attack by Muktijudha Mancha along with Chatra League members on DUCSU V.P. Nurul Haque and other student leaders causing to be hospitalized. Chatra League has established terror in universities and colleges for keeping these institution under control for seat-business, ragging etc. But this student organization was a number one pro-liberation student organization.
    Not only Chatra League the other associating and sister organizations of Awami League like Juba League, Sheshwasebak League, Sramik League, Krishak League, Awami Mohila League, Prajanma League, Bangabandhu Projanma League etc. also turned dangerous demons now-a-days. Many leaders-workers of these organizations are involved in extortionism in government and private fields, tender-mechanism, terrorism, vilonce, forcible occupation of lands and houses, wine, gambling, casino business, women-scaldal and so on.

Recently a few miscreants of Chatra League, Juba League, Mohila League and Sweshasebak League has been brought to law but the stalwarts of these evil deeds have not been caught.

The firm pronouncement by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 2 october, 2019 in a press conference: Whoever may be the criminal none of the party, family and relative would be spared. This warning and promise have not been materialized in the real sense of the term. Off course, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Minister Obaidul Qader, the then RAB D.G. (present IGP) Dr. Benazir Ahmed and ACC Chairman Iqbal Mahmood very often assure the nation of hopeful words that none of the offenders would be excused-actions will follow proper inquiry. If the assurance turns to be a fruitless jargon it would rather be an evil politics and misgovernance.

Very recently several terrible rail accidents took place in the country resulting into heavy loss of life and property. Whereas every year government invest thousands of crores of taka in railway reforms and construction. A lion share of the money spent in the name of reforms and development of railway is plundered and mis-spent.

Road accidents in the country is almost a daily occurence. A law has been enacted in the Parliament namely Road Law Amendment Act, 2019. But in the face of nationwide stike by the owners and workers of road vehicles, the government seem to be undone to apply the law. A few days strike compelled the national economy loss of crores of taka along with the untold sufferings of the commom passengers throughtout the country. The present government seems to be incompetent to control Roads and Highways sector in streamlining the persons involved here.
A particular quarter of the government Administration gets involved in extortionism and different irregularities. It is a matter of great surprise that recently an extensively talked about controversial top leader of Sramik Federation and Owners Association has been selected as Member of the present Awami League Presidium. The ruling government is found to be regularly incapable to provide the full security to the life and property and environment of the individual citizen and the society at large.

One of the wonders of the world, The Sundarbans is a boon to the people of Bangladesh from the Nature which is populated by special varieties of trees and animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deers, wild bores, monkey and hundreds of different species of rare birds. Lakhs of people live on this forests. The most important role of this forest is its protective function against the storms and tidal bores that lash the country almost every year time and again. But it is a matter of pity that the government has arranged to industrialize the peripheral area of the Sundarbans by hundreds of industrial units and a coal powered Electricity Generation Centre at Rampal near the forest. Dozens of experts from home and abroad and the UN Heritage and UNESCO opine that electricity generation plant and industrial units would eat away the existence of the Sundarbans at one stage. They discourage the government not to advance further in this direction.

During 70’s (by May 1978) more then 2,00,000 Rohingya Muslims were forcibly pushed in Bangladesh by Burma. Again in August, 2017 about 11 lakh Rohingya people were forced to enter Bangladesh through Teknaf and Ukhia boarder of Cox’s Bazar. The Myanmar Army organized genocide, persecution to children and females with raping extensively creating terror to leave the homeland to save life. On humanitarian consideration the Bangladesh government provided shelter to them and gave food, medicare with temporary accommodation. For such actions by Myanmar different international Human Rights Organizations, United Nations and people and the government of various countries reacted with abhorrence to the Myanmar government. Different International organization including the UN visited the Rohingya camps and praised the Bangladesh government and people for extension of all-out help to Rohingya people. In the meantime a case against Myanmar has been filed by Gambia in the International Court of Justice in the Hague for making genocide on the Rohingya. After hearing both the sides the UN top court ICJ has made an epoch-making ruling ordering Myanmar to prevent acts of genocide against the country’s Rohingya Minority and stop destroying evidence.

However, our government has failed to collect support from big countries like India, Russia, China in solving the Rohingya issue and put pressure on Myanmar. Bangladesh is facing various practical problems in providing various necessaries to the Rohingya people. Environment pollution presents a serious obstacle for the local people. Social problems like narcotic drug trafficking, anti-social activities are also posing problems. The Rohingyas are reported to be involved in various criminal activities in Bangladesh. A long term stay of the Rohingyas here will generate a serious threat to our social, political, environmental and administrative field. So our government need to be more active to arrange the return of the Rohingyas as soon as possible.
Our government should be careful of the conspiracies and Chanakya policy of neighboring countries in their attempt to put in pressure. In any of neighboring countries any internal issue- racial, religious, political, economic strifes, rivalry, frictions of different nature may cast an influence in our country. Our proclaimed foreign policy of friendship to all and malice to none is to be followed strictly. However a state throwing an angry glance should not be tolerated without protest. We want to keep intact our practice of co-existence of all people irrespective of religion, caste, creed, group, gender etc. which is world-wide praised.
On the victory Day of 16 December, 2019 a Razakar list was published by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. Following the publication a wide protest throughout the country erupted against mistakes and loopholes in the list. Name of many freedom fighters were found in the Razakar List. When in the country a pro-liberation government in power, how such a heinous, untrue list of Razakars can be made is unthinkable. It has rather stigmatized the glory of a party like Awami League which is almost directly responsible for our liberation war and independence. Persons involved in the publication of such a defective and wrong list should be seriously dealt with.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared the postponement and abandonment of the said Razakar List. A.K.M. Mozammel Haque, Minister for Liberation War Affairs has begged pardon to the nation for the defective list of Razakars. He has said that a fresh list of Razakars having no loopholes would be prepared very soon which is expected to the published by 26 march, 2020. But it is not implemented as yet.
My perception is that the victory of ’71 is today injured allover. I hope that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by her leadership and statesmanship would take stern measures to cure the injury. I am sure she would rise to the occasion and face the situation as she did in the past.E

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