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Inroad to Kashmir by Indian Government

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Badaruddin Umar*

In August 5, 2019 the Hinduist Fascist government of Norendra Modi annulled the Section 370 and 35 (A) of the Constitution by both Houses of the Indian Parliament. Through this amendment the special status that Kasmir earlier had has been abolished and Kashmir has been devided into Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh- two central administered regions. They have not taken this step abruptly. In Fascist process that the first Prime Minister Congress leader Jawaherlal Nahru followed, Norendra Modi has now rescinded the special status of Kashmir and has divided it into two centrally administered zones. As a result they have completely grabbed Kashmir by traversing Indian constitution and thus they have pigeonholed all their international commitments.

After revoking section 370 and 25 (A) this way with a view to facing the resistance by the Kashmir people, they arrested the leading people there by promulgation of an emergency in Kashmir and they have severed the communication with rest of India with Kashmir and all connection with the entire world outside. But in spite of this persecution the people of Kashmir now has started their resistance against the Indian government in the new situation.

Jawaherlal Nehru in spite of being pledge-bound to hold plebiscite in Kashmir, subsequently turned it an Indian-ruled territory by finishing all probability of plebiscite. Thereafter the sequence of the policy that Indian government followed in Kashmir enabled Norendra Modi to include the state fully into Indian Union. Despite many moral and non-communal self-conceited words Jawaherlal Nehru was basically a Fascist and communal-minded person. The process of implementing communal policy under his leadership in Kashmir by Congress has found inevitable end in the present step by Norendra Modi on behalf of the Hinduist Fascist government. From this angle there is no fundamental difference between Congress and BJP. Both of these two have been drawing up and implementing Kashmir policy on the basis of Hinduist Policy.

In this connection few words are to be said. In 1925 Golwalkar founded RSS. Prior to it Savarkar formulated a theory for the first time on Hinduism. He labeled the British Colonial Government in India as the liberator of Hindus. In his opinion the entire Muslim rule in India was a history of persecution on the Hindus. Hence he had no allegation against the British colonialists. Moveover, he was a kind of supporter to them. But due to terrorist behavior British government kept him in captivity in Andaman Islands. For this reason after the independence of India the Congress government in his honor and memory set a memorial plaque in the Cellular Jail of Andaman. This was the view of Congress government on Savarkar. It is to be mentioned here that the government arrested him after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi as one of the plotters of the incident. RSS was declared unlawful. But after a few days they released Savarkar and ban on the RSS was withdrawn. Shamapresad was the President of Hindu Mahasava. Jawaherlal Nehru made him Minister of his Cabinet. From the above episode it can be easily understood that despite blowing their own trumpet of non-communalism Congress in practice was not against Hindu Mahasava. Whereas before the formation of RSS Hindu Mahasava was the chief upholder charioteer of the doctrine of Hinduism from 1947 and thereafter. In 1992 Congress government did not oppose the demolition of Babri Mosque by the Karsebaks of RSS. If they wished they could have surrounded the mosque area by military or Police; in that case the mosque could not have been destroyed. During this occurrence Congress Prime Minister Norshima Rao without trying to face the situation in any way passed the time in the house of worship and had come out after the demolition of Babri Mosque. From this event it is not difficult to understand that not RSS only but Congress government also was in favor of destructions of Babri Mosque. Here a very few examples are given. But it will be revealed that there is a soft attitude of them towards the Hindu communalism and communal parties/groups. Virtually by implementing their communal policy they help enhance the strength of Hinduism. From this practice a truth is inevitable that congress itself was a communal ploitcial party and practically they and Hindu Mahasava, RSS were of the birds of the same feather.

The policy that Jawaherlal Nehru followed on Kashmir from the beginning was the reflection of their communal character. That is why at the time of the partition of India the situation that arose on Kashmir they were pledge-bound to hold plebiscite there as per UN Security Council Resolution. But ultimately Nehru disowned and rejected the issue of plebiscite. Through refuting the plebiscite Nehru brought about a change in the situation. In its continuity the Hinduist Fascist government of Norendra Modi by discarding the special status of Kashmir now has included the region fully in the Indian Union.

In defining Facism Facist leader of Italy Mousolini said, Fascism means amalgamation of a the government with corporate houses. Now it can be seen if we notice at the features of the government under Modi leadership in India that the way the Indian corporate houses of India has been mixed up together was not observed before, although the Congress government also was connected with these corporate houses. When Norendra Modi served as Chief Minister of Guzrat he had a close relationship with corporate houses. That is why they contributed a lot of money to the election of Norendra Modi in Loksava Election, 2014. At that time the amount of money that Norendra Modi spent was equal to the expenditure of President Barak Obama of the United States. The role of this money power in India was greater than that of America. It is to be mentioned here that Norendra Modi turned Gujrat as the highest industrialized state from all sides in India. It was a great personal achievement of him. But simultaneously he created sufferings for the people of Gujrat that were more horrible than the other states of India. This situation continues as yet. In this connection it is to be mentioned that in 2002 through horrendous anti-Muslim program innumerable Muslims were conspiringly murdered during Modi government. Reactions took place throughout the world against the event. Even the USA became anti Norendra Modi. After 2002 during his tenure of Chief Minister of Gujrat once while he applied for US visa, he was refused the same. They gave him no visa. It was a matter of surprise that against the non compliance of issuing Visa to Norendra Modi, the then non ‘communal’ Congress Prime Minsiter Monmohan Sing officially made a protest. From all these things it is not difficult to understand that the Hinduist government of Norendra Modi is the next edition of ‘non-communal’ Congress government in India.

In Kashmir at present all kinds of democratic rights of the people have been robbed off. Inside Kashmir and in the world outside they have ruptured all the communications to keep Kashmir disconnected. They have arrested thousands of leaders-workers. They have kept two former Chief Ministers of Kashmir – Mehbuba Mufti and Faruque Abdullah in house arrest. It is to be said here that just prior to this situation Norendra Modi formed Coalition Government in Kashmir with BJP.

By annulling the Section 370 and 35 (A) of Indian Constitution now Kashmir has been put to the same line with the other states of India. Earlier purchase of land, trade, business, mill-factory, employment- all these were prohibited for the Indians in Kashmir. Now the Indians have the right to purchase land there, would be able to invest in trade-business-industry, may be employed there. That means, by creating different facilities in these fields different provisions have been made for people of other Indian States so that the Kashmiris in their economic conditions can be more pushed back. Moreover, there is a big conspiracy of them that by settling the Indian Hindus in Kashmir the Muslims would be turned to minority population there. For Corporate Houses, a highway for a large volume of investment in Kashmir has been cleared. It is natural because in India now the path for extensive plundering has been opened by amalgamation of corporate houses with government. Corporate Houses in India being mixed up together with the government a system has been built up to exploit-persecute the people of Kashmir. It is now natural because the Indian government has turned into a Fascist Hinduist one.E

*  President, Jatiya Mukti Council

** Translated into English by ‘The Economy’ Analyst.

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