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An Interview with Md. Rahamat Ullah

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Acting Principal Mohammad Rahmat Ullah

Acting Principal,

Jalal Uddin Degree College, Noakhali

Recently our Editor Khaled Mahmood talked to Mohammad Rahamat Ullah, Acting Principal, Jalal Uddin Degree College,  Begumgonj, Chowmuhani, Noakhali who gave an interview with him regarding the problems and prospects of the institution. We publish here the proceedings of the interview for our readers who may have an idea on a rural institution in the country.

Question: When this institution was established?

Answer: Jalaluddin Degree College was founded in 1987 with a view to solving the problem of higher education in this far-flung area of the country.

Question: Who was its founder?

Answer: Mr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed was the founder of this College. He was a patron of learning, a good social worker and an industrialist hailing from this locality.

Question: How many students are on the roll-strength of the College?

Answer: The present roll-strength of the students totals about 2000.

Question: What is pass rate of the examinees in H.S.C Exam?

Answer: The pass rate of the HSC Examinees is at present 80.52 percent. We are working hard to improve the pass rate.

Question: When did you join here as an acting principal?

Answer: I joined on 6th May, 2019 as an Acting Principal of this College.

Question: What special work you have accomplished during your period as Acting Principal here?

Answer: In practice, there is always hesitation for an Acting Principal in taking decision. Yet then I am trying my utmost from my place. To make the students present in the class, creating an  environment of attention to studies and making the guardians conscious to their responsibility are some of my efforts I have so far made successfully.

Question: How many teachers, office staff and MLSS are there in your College?

Answer: I have 40 dedicated and sincere teachers along with 4 office staff and 8 MLSS.

Question: Do your College employees enjoy MPO from the government?

Answer: Yes, Jalal Uddin Degree College employees enjoy MPO from the government.

Question: What facilities the students can avail in this College?

Answer: After my taking over the responsibility as Acting Principal I made all efforts to create congenial atmosphere for education. Proper distribution of classes to the teachers, special care for the weak students, sufficient practical classes are some of steps that have been taken as a part of good teaching. My students have started to receive the good fruits of these measures.

Question: Is there probability of erecting any multi-storied College building?

Human Right 1.jpg
Front view of Jalal Uddin Degree College

Answer: A multi-storied College building is already under construction. Construction work is expected to be completed by the end of December, 2019.

Question: Do you have a good library with sufficient books and other learning materials for the students?

Answer:We have a rich library. It offers all the library services and facilities to the students including important and significant rare collections on Liberation War 71, fiction & non-fiction books, prescribed books of syllabus, journals, newspapers and other print materials.

Question: Do you have any plan to construct hostels for both male and female students?

Answer: After the completion of the construction of the new College Building. I have a plan to take measures for establishing hostel for students. It would solve residential problem of the students specially of those ones who come from a good distance. College hostel also helps the weak students in taking extra co-operation from their teachers.

Question: What Cultural activities the students participate in the College Campus?

Answer: Our students get involved in cultural activities regularly. They participate in different events and programs including National Day programs. They won a number of prizes in different regional and national competitions over the past years.

Question: Does your college organize games and sports for the students?

Answer: This College does not have a standard playground. As a result games and sports can not be organized in an expected manner. So outdoor games of the students suffer here. We have a plan to make an indoor game zone for the students in the near future.

Question: Do you have any plan to open Honors and Masters Courses in your College?

Answer: We have visionary plan to open Honors and Masters Courses here but at present there is no financial affiliation for Graduation Courses.

Question: Do you think that the number of teachers you have now is sufficient to teach the students?

Answer: Although we have specialized teachers in every subject the number is not sufficient for teaching the students properly. We require more teachers to provide satisfactory teaching to the large number of students.

Question: Is your College financially sound so that your usual income covers expenditure for running the College?

Answer: Yes, my College is financially sound and our usual income covers expenses for running the institution.

Question: Who is the present Chairman of the College Governing Body?

Answer: Alhaz Mamunur Rashid Kiron, MP- Noakhali-3 is the present Chairman of the College Governing Body. He is a good patron of learning and his hands are always stretched to help spread education in this locality. We are very much fortunate in having a personality of this kind as the Chairman of Jalal Uddin Degree College.

Question: Do you have good Co-operation from the guardians of the students and the elites of the locality for better management of the College?

Answer: Most of the guardians of the students are sincere and helpful in extending their co-operation in college and student activities. Elites of the locality are also conscious of their responsibility. With support and co-operation of both these groups of people the standard of education in this College has advanced.

Question: Do you expect that this College should be nationalized?Answer: A good number of Colleges has been nationalized during Awami League period. Under the direct guidance of Jananetri Sheikh Hasina the education sector is moving towards an exalted position with nationalization policy and other measures. We hope that this College should be nationalized very soon. We expect that the Honorable Prime Minister would satisfy the demand o

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