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An Interview With Banaj Kumar Majumder, PPM DIG, Police Bureau Of Investigation (PBI)

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By a Correspondent of The Economy Dhaka Office

In August 25-31 (2017) Issue of The Economy we made a report on PBI with the headline The Genesis and and Development of Police Bureau of Investigation. Following that practice, we did a formal interview session with Banaj Kumar Majumder, DIG and Chief of PBI. He has articulated precisely about the expansion of this auxiliary branch of Bangladesh Police, its function and functionaries, its organizational efforts with the potentialities as well as its success in exposing many criminal offences. The contribution of PBI in combating crime and corruption is remarkable. With that being said, we have published the proceedings of the interview for our esteemed readers.

Question 1: Please speak on the formal establishment of PBI.

Answer: In democratic society, Investigation is the most consequential and integral part of criminal justice system. Police at thana, district and metropolitan level in Bangladesh have been doing the criminal investigations efficiently for a long time. Executing multiple  tasks by the investigation officers at the same time other than the investigation as well as changing pattern and severity of crime have caused limitations in the investigation process. At present, intellectuals, human rights activists, lawyers, courts and all other quarters are demanding to form an independent and impartial investigation agency. Considering all facts and circumstances, as per desire and direction of the Honorable Prime Minster and implementing National Integrity Strategy as well, the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) came to light on 18th October 2012 as a specialized investigation agency.

Although PBI got an administrative approval from the government on 18th October 2012, the organization could not start its operational activities due to absence of regulations. The government approved its regulation by gazette notification dated January 5, 2016. Now PBI is carrying out administrative and operational activities all over the country with its branches in 45 districts and all Metropolitan cities.

Question 2: How would you want to build PBI?

Answer: We try our level best to ensure the impartial investigation by collecting the proper evidential documents and utilizing our well-equipped forensic lab to the gretest extent possible, so that the victim can be assured about getting justice. Our objective is to eradicate the distrust on the total investigation procedure of our country as well as to establish the truth “Crime never pays”. PBI dreams itself to be a women friendly investigating agency.

In today’s world, women are more prone to get victimized by cyber offenders. Most of the time, they do not even have the scope to collect the evidential documents. Moreover, almost all the victims get different kinds of threats from the cyber criminals. In those cases, we do counseling and aid to identify the criminals very confidentially.

Question 3: Would you kindly tell us about the Achievements of PBI in the investigation of the cases?

Answer: Achievement: PBI started investigation since June 2015 by the order of the court. Since then PBI has received and disposed of the following number of cases:

Starting from June 2015 PBI investigated lots of sensational cases and unveiled the truth and arrested criminals. The Judiciary and the common people praised the performance of PBI. Among the noted and sensational cases, the following are mentionable:

1.     Double murder case in Hotel Nice International, Rajshahi. In this criminal incidence student Mijanur Rahman and PUST student Sumaia Nasrin were killed brutally. Initially the case was reported as suicidal by the local police.

2.  Syamol Das murder case in Nandail Model Thana, Mymensingh. His dead body was found in a   nearby water body (beel) in 2006 and was reported that he committed suicide by the previous investigators. After 11 years the truth was revealed by PBI, Mymensingh unit.

3.  Rasid Maker muder case of Nandail Model Thana, Mymensingh. He was the eye witness of victim Shyamol Das murder; he  was also murdered in 2006. Similarly his case was also reported as he committed suicide. After 11 years the truth was revealed by PBI, Mymensingh unit.

4.     UP member Monayem Khan was found hanging in a tree. The district police thought that he committed suicide which was later discovered by PBI that he was killed because of UP election clash.

5.   Aklima Bewa and Zahid Hasan (Double Murder) case in Rajshahi District.

The list of success stories is far more than this. After investigation PBI has turned more than one dozen cases into murder case, previously which were reported as suicidal case.

Question 4: Do you have sufficient man-power to deal with the increasing tasks?

Answer: PBI started its journey in October 2012 with manpower of 970, headed by a Deputy Inspector General to run its activity throughout Bangladesh. With this short number of work-force it was not possible to open units in all districts and metropolitan cities. Subsequently to address the manpower scarcity, kind government sanctioned more 1059 manpower to PBI for smooth functioning. Due to public confidence what PBI has earned through its professionalism, pressure of case is continuously mounting on PBI, as justice seeking people think that if his/her case is investigated by PBI at least he/she will get a fair investigation. Still manpower crisis is acute. To open units in all districts, PBI needs more manpower. We are working on it and very soon proposal for the extension of manpower will be sent to Police Head Quarters.

Question 5: Do you have modern specialized equipments for correctly detecting the crimes?

Answer: PBI is a specialized criminal investigation agency. To make this organization modern and international standard, we have set up a highly equipped forensic lab with modern technologies. This includes-

1.     Digital Forensic Analytical Tools;

2.     Face Drawing;

3.     360 Crime Imaging System;

4.     Evidence Viewer 110V/220V;

5.     Professional Crime Scene Sketch Kit;

6.     Mobile Tracker;

7.     Database Server;

8.     Complete Investigation Kit Box

9.     Tablet with support for GSM voice communication;

10.   Forensic Analysis Device: Live Forensic;

11.   Mobile Wireless Fingerprint Scanner;

12.   Mobile Biometric Solution;

13.   Video Forensic Solution;

14.   Email Detective from Hot Peeper

15. Forensic Investigation Tools for Email, Pornography Detection etc;

16.   Porn Detection Stick;

17.   Post Blast Investigation Kit Box;

18.   CDR Analyzer System;

19.   Cyber Forensic Tools and Accessories;

20.   Open Source Intelligence System;

21.  Forensic Software and Necessary Cable Kits and Adapters for Mobile, Tablets & GPS etc.

We also have the access to national ID centre to verify the exact identity of a person.

Question 6: Please mention about any project that government has undertaken for strengthening PBI.

Answer: Apart from these, the government has approved a project for strengthening the capacity of PBI. Under this project, PBI has purchased operational vehicles, crime scene van, bomb disposal van, high risk operational van, microbus etc. To cope up with the changing nature of crime, PBI is equipping itself with modern technologies.

Question 7: What facilities PBI has to train its manpower?

Answer: The strategic plan of PBI is to create skill and expert manpower. For these, PBI arranges training for its officers at home and abroad. PBI sent its officers to Australia, Thailand, India, China, Indonesia, Turkey and Malaysia for international training. At the same time PBI is also arranging training courses at home in the Police Staff College, DTS, and FTS of CID. The main courses of the training are-

1.     Criminal Investigation, Supervision and Prosecution Course.

2.     Aid to Good  Investigation

3.     Analysis of CDR , SMS & Basics of Mobile Financial Service and  other Mobile Crime

4.     Training on  Digital Forensic and  Cyber Crimes

5. Investigation skills training for people smuggling Investigators program

6.     Computer Forensic & Cyber Security

7.     Crime Scene Management

8.    Course on Drug Law Enforcement  and  Forensic Science & Financial Investigation

9.     Cyber Crime Investigation

10.   Advanced Malware  Analysis Training

11.   Public Security and Counter-terrorism for Bangladesh

12.  Modern Techniques of Interrogation (polygraph,  NARCO,                       Forensic, psychology)

13.   Investigation of  Firearms related cases (Ballistics)

14.   Criminal Intelligence Analysis Course

15.   Higher Scientific Investigation

16.   Cyber Crime Investigation & Digital Forensics

17.   Comprehensive Intelligence Course

18.   Post Blast Investigation

The government has approved a project for capacity building of PBI Officers. Within this project at least 150 Officers will participate in foreign training to gather international knowledge and expertise.

Question 8: What is the mode of action of PBI in handling the criminal cases?

Answer: The core responsibility of PBI is to investigate criminal cases and submit police report to the court. Apart from these, PBI collects Intelligence for arresting criminals, countering terrorism or any subversive activity against the state.

Generally PBI investigates the cases mentioned in the schedule of its regulation. Moreover, the Inspector General of Bangladesh police can transfer any case to PBI for Investigation. Apart from these, the court can transfer any case to PBI for investigation or further enquiry/ reinvestigation. Sometimes PBI conducts operations by collecting criminal intelligence. After collecting evidences and apprehending the criminal PBI files cases to the concerned police station as complainant.

PBI works under the single command of Deputy Inspector General, under the close monitoring and supervision of Inspector General of Bangladesh Police. The Instructions of DIG reach to the field level very quickly. To support DIG there are two Addl DIGs who look after the eastern and western PBI units of the country. Head of divisions are SSPs and unit incharges are Addl SSPs.

All the cases are closely monitored and supervised by SSPs and Addl SSPs. The important cases are investigated by a team, although the case is endorsed to a single Investigation Officer. The Investigation Officers are well trained and skilled. Apart from these the internal coordination among the units is very strong. As the PBI has only responsibility to investigate the cases and they do not have law and order duty, so the investigation officers can engage more time and energy to investigate the cases. At HQ level, each and every case is scrutinized by a team. All these factors help PBI to maintain a standard and satisfactory investigation.

Although the main responsibility of PBI is to investigate the criminal cases, PBI also collects intelligence for its investigation as well as countering terrorism and any kind of adverse activity of the state.

Question 9: Kindly mention on the goals that PBI nurtures.

Answer: Goals: The goals of PBI are

1.  To ensure maximum use of modern technologies in criminal case management system;

2.  To transform traditional testimony based investigation into scientific investigation including scientific crime scene management, collection of forensic and physical evidence etc;

3. To acquire peoples’ confidence by neutral and impartial investigation;

4. To ensure rule of law and establish justice through neutral and impartial investigation.

Question 10: Please make concluding remarks on the success and potentialities of PBI.

Answer: Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) is a newly formed criminal case investigation agency, started its operational activities in June 2015.Although it has limitations regarding manpower and logistics, PBI is trying to open its units in all the districts of Bangladesh. At present PBI is conducting administrative and operational activities in 45 districts and all metropolitan cities. PBI has got a permanent place to construct its Head Quarters at Tikatuli area in Dhaka. Honourable Prime Minister is kind enough to grant this place in favour of PBI. Other than this PBI is also trying to establish its permanent offices in various districts and metropolitan areas. In this connection within a short span of time PBI has got administrative approval regarding places for 25 districts to set up their permanent office.

Efficient leadership, committed team, skilled and expert manpower with their dedication to PBI has brought positive change in criminal investigation of Bangladesh. PBI is investigating the cases neutrally and impartially to ensure justice and to establish rule of law. The way PBI is advancing we hope in near future it will be the number one investigation agency of Bangladesh, where people can keep their trust and confidence to have their case investigated properly.E

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